My name is Chris Wolfe, from Columbia, Missouri. Hopefully on these few pages I can tell you about myself, both personally and professionally. I am a husband and father and a die-hard enthusiast of almost all things related to computers and the internet. I have the privilege of being able to spend most of my days doing the things I enjoy, for which I am grateful.

I admit it, most of my interests and what I would call hobbies (or maybe just one big hobby) revolve around computing. I have a long list of things I want to accomplish on my home systems, and I enjoy (most of the time!) being the resident techie in our house. My network there is full of Windows workstations and laptops and tablets, a handful of Apple iPhones and Androids, an Ubuntu Linux system as my personal server, and a Raspberry Pi and a cheap Windows phone to round out the mix. Sometimes it seems like a full-time job just supporting all that and keeping it running well! I’ve had a personal wiki for ages, I backup religiously, and my Firefox always has at least 25 or more tabs open.

I feel that what I learn anywhere can help me everywhere… home, work, church, small jobs on the side for people. I am not “pro” any certain operating system (but I lean to Linux), as each person should use what’s best for him or her. As a geek I can’t forget that probably 98% of people want their laptop or PC or tablet or smartphone to “just work”, hence the reason why Apple’s products in particular are so popular. I enjoy helping people whether it’s cleaning up a spat of Windows malware, configuring email, setting up a new wireless AP, or even designing a whole home network.

My favorite quotes:
   Never complain about anything you get for free.
   Always make do with what you have.

And whatever you do in life or wherever you go, have fun!